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Academic Mentoring

Creating multi-dimensional learning environments in which all students can thrive.


Our Approach

Our approach is multifaceted. We use a mentorship model, as opposed to an exclusively teaching or tutoring model, to create an academic experience that is grounded in wisdom as much as in knowledge.

Our Mentors

Our mentors are exceptional individuals who continue to develop their skills in their professions, community activism, research, and travel and who impart the practical importance of mastering those skills to their students.

Our Students

Our students learn to develop intelligence in all areas and cultivate a holistic approach to the study of History, Math, Science and Language. We encourage our students to know their whole selves and to know how to be happy as  

Calliope helped our daughter to thrive in her challenging courses at a rigorous high school. Calliope mentors, who are not so many years beyond high school themselves, met our daughter at her exact points of inquiry with humor, encouragement, and tools she absorbed and reflects on today at college, knowing how lucky she was to have had Calliope on her side.

Parent of UHS Student